The 25th AFCM Technical Symposium & Exhibition 4-6 April 2018, Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Indonesia Cement Association on behalf of ASEAN Federation Cement Manufacturers (AFCM) has successfully held the 25th AFCM Technical Symposium & Exhibition. The Symposium were attended by 400 attendees from the cement industry and its supporting fields from the member countries of AFCM.  Among the attendees are AFCM members, government officials, company executives, professionals, vendors, operators, consultants, journalists, bankers, and fund managers, coming from 29 countries.

The selection of Bandung in West Java as the venue of the conference is not just because of its reputation as a tourist destination, but more than that, it has proven record of hosting various kinds of international events, such as the Asian-African Conference in 1955 and its 60th comemoration in 2015. It is also an opportunity to see the boundless variety of unique sceneries as well as countless traditional and cultural heritages of West Java.

ASEAN is now not only to be a dynamically developing region with a huge demand in cement, but also has a developed cement industry. ASEAN cement suffers a severe competition with other countries and regions on the world. To produce more cement has to become a duty of ASEAN Federation of Cement Manufactures (AFCM). Simultaneously, the cement industry must innovate technology, minimize environmental pollution, enhance labor productivity, reduce energy consumption and production cost, labor, decrease clinker factor as well as enhance competitiveness. Therefore, the Technical Symposium periodically was held once every 3 years on rotation basis in AFCM member countries.

The 25th AFCM Technical Symposium brought the theme of The Green Technology for Cement Industry”.  Twenty-four papers were presented with subtheme such as New Technology for Crusher, Carbon Di-oxida Reduction Initiative, Energy Efficiency in The Process Production, Waste Heat Recovery Generation (WRHG), Saving Energy by Modification of Technology and Equipment, Process Control Automation and Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Pollution Control System, and Alternative Fuel. About 55 both were booked by over 40 companies.

The 25th AFCM Technical Symposium & Exhibition was started by welcome reception. All participants were invited to attend the welcome reception and feel an exotic and relaxing atmosphere throughout the evening and serving as buffet menu with heavy cocktail and many kinds of Indonesian food accompanied by live music and spectacular view of Bandung City. On the next day, the technical symposium & exhibition was opened by representative of Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia. The three days symposium 7 exhibition were closed with farewell dinner held in Amphitheater Trans Studio Bandung, one of the biggest indoor theme parks in the worlds: Trans Studio Bandung. The last day, participant was brought to Kawah Putih (English: White Crater). Kawah Putih is a striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater, located in south Bandung about 50 km south of The Trans Luxury Hotel. Kawah Putih Lake is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano (a “composite” volcano). The mountains south of Bandung offer magnificent scenery, a rolling evergreen landscape of neatly cropped tea bushes, clumps of tropical forest and misty hilltops. Beyond the town of Ciwidey, every second house has a strawberry patch.